spying operation | SpyTrac is one of the largest known Android surveillance apps

A groundbreaking FTC order in 2021 banned the stalker app SpyFone, its discern organization Support King, and its leader executive Scott Zuckerman from the surveillance enterprise. The order, unanimously accredited by using the regulator’s 5 sitting commissioners, also demanded that Support King delete the smartphone records it illegally accumulated and notify victims that its app was secretly mounted on their tool.

Stalkerware or spouse are, are apps that are surreptitiously planted by using a person with physical get admission to to a person’s smartphone, often below the guise of a circle of relatives tracking or baby monitoring, except that those apps are designed to live hidden from home monitors, all the whilst silently uploading the contents of someone’s telephone, consisting of their textual content messages, images, surfing history, and granular location data.

But many stalkers were apps — like KidsGuardTheTruthSpy, and Xnspy — have security flaws that placed heaps of humans’ personal smartphone information susceptible to similar compromise.

That also consists of SpyFone, whose unsecured cloud garage server spilled the private statistics stolen from more than 2,000 sufferers’ phones, prompting the FTC to analyze and sooner or later ban Support King and its CEO Zuckerman from presenting, distributing, selling, or otherwise supporting within the sale of surveillance apps.

Meet Aztec Labs

With more than 1,000,000 user records, SpyTrac is considered one of the largest regarded energetic Android stalker operations, surpassing the variety of sufferers ensnared with the aid of TheTruthSpy greater than threefold. Despite its sizeable worldwide attain, U.S. Visitors to SpyTrac’s website are blocked with an abrupt message declaring that “your u. S . Is not supported.”

But SpyTrac is like every other stalker app, along with its capacity to live hidden on a victim’s device. SpyTrac’s internet site also makes no mention of the individuals strolling the operation, in all likelihood to defend the developers from felony and reputational risks associated with strolling a stalkerware operation.

According to the information and other public data visible through TechCrunch, SpyTrac is controlled by builders who work for both Support King and an outfit of builders called Aztec Labs, which builds and continues the SpyTrac stalker operation. Aztec Labs additionally keeps a close-to-identical Spanish-language stalker app known as Espía Móvil (which translates to “secret agent mobile”), and any other clone stalker app referred to as StealthX Pro, the information shows.

Some of the information discovered on SpyTrac’s server immediately connects SpyTrac to Support King.

One of the server documents contained a fixed of Amazon Web Services private keys that allow getting entry to cloud garage related to Support King and GovAssist, an internet site that claims to assist immigrants to attain U.S. Visas and permanent residency allows. The keys also permit access to the cloud garage for OneClickMonitor, a clone stalker app that Support King shut down at the same time as SpyFone.

Both Support King and GovAssist are headed by chief executive Scott Zuckerman.

When reached using electronic mail, Zuckerman told TechCrunch: “We are investigating your claims that SpyTrac inner statistics turned into storing AWS keys that can be linked to S3 buckets relating to Support King, GovAssist, and OneClickMonitor. We take this very seriously and could follow all provisions of the FTC Order.”

Access logs have been seen through TechCrunch display at least Aztec Lab’s builders logging in to SpyTrac’s servers using special sets of credentials, but each from the equal IP addresses. Both of the developers logged in from IP addresses registered to a Bosnian residential broadband issuer for the usage of credentials associated with Aztec Labs, SpyTrac, and Support King e-mail addresses.

One of the builders is Aztec Labs’ technical lead, whose LinkedIn says he’s primarily based in Sarajevo. His different public freelance portfolios list his paintings as an application manager at Support King, a role that he describes as “coping with the complete IT crew.”

According to LinkedIn profiles and different paintings portfolios, the technical lead and different SpyTrac builders also work on Zuckerman’s brand new mission, GovAssist.

The get entry to logs additionally shows a third developer logging in to SpyTrac’s servers, additionally from their home IP cope in Sarajevo, using exclusive sets of credentials related to Support King, Aztec Labs, and GovAssist electronic mail addresses.

The SpyFone connection (spying operation

SpyFone, the stalker was app banned through the FTC in September 2021, and now not operates.

The inner SpyTrac statistics we’ve seen show that SpyFone issued its ultimate customer license just days before it changed into banned by way of the FTC. SpyFone’s domain name was sold to any other smartphone surveillance maker, SpyPhone. Customers seeking to log in to SpyFone’s web dashboard, used for getting access to a victim’s stolen facts, had been redirected to SpyPhone’s internet site instead.

The FTC’s 2021 order additionally demanded that Support King delete the facts it had illegally accumulated from SpyFone. But the internal SpyTrac information seen by way of TechCrunch nonetheless contains heaps of data associated with SpyFone licenses assigned to the email addresses of buying customers.

Every SpyFone license became offered through a reseller with a Support King e-mail address, the information showed.

SpyTrac also got here to the eye of safety researchers Vangelis Stykas and Felipe Solferino, whose months-length research identified commonplace and smooth-to-find protection flaws in numerous stalker families, inclusive of SpyTrac. Their findings, which they provided at BSides London this month, concerned decompiling the apps and mapping out their server infrastructure using public net records. Their proof links SpyTrac to Support King.

Zuckerman stated in reaction: “Support King deleted all information in its servers linked with SpyFone and OneClickMonitor customers according to the FTC Order.”

Stalkerware is a difficult trouble to combat. These operations are clandestine through design, making it difficult for regulators to research or recognize under whose jurisdiction they fall.

In 2020, the FTC took its first-ever action in opposition to a stalkerware operator, Retina-X, which changed into hacked several instances and later close down. The FTC’s 2nd movement was in opposition to Support King 12 months later.

Companies that violate FTC orders can face massive civil consequences. Earlier this yr, Twitter become ordered to pay $one hundred fifty million for violating an FTC order from 2011.


Instead, much of the effort towards stalker and different commercial surveillance has been taken up with the aid of the tech enterprise, which includes tool makers Apple and Google, that have banned stalker apps. In 2020, Google additionally banned advertisements in its seek outcomes that promote stalker. Anti-malware companies are individuals of the Coalition Against Stalkerware, which launched in 2019 to guide sufferers and survivors of a stalker, together with proportion signatures of acknowledged stalkers were apps and networks to block them from running on their customers’ phones.

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