• AI art apps | Lensa AI’s popularity has had an exceptional impact on the App Store’s Top Charts. The popular picture and video enhancing app lately went viral over its new “magic avatars” feature, powered by way of the open supply Stable Diffusion version, allowing customers to show their selfies into styled photographs of themselves as sci-fi, anime, or myth characters, among different creative renderings. Consumer call for the app and AI edit extra widely, has now pushed several different “AI” apps into the U.S. App Store’s Top Charts. As of Monday, the top three spots on the U.S. App Store are all held with the aid of AI image editors, and even extra AI artwork apps are newly ranking in the Top 100.

AI art apps

  • The No. 1 spot at the U.S. App Store, however, is still held through Lensa AI, which saw 12.6 million international installs inside the first 11 days of December, up 600% from the 1.8 million installs it noticed throughout a comparable time frame in November (November 20 thru November 30), in keeping with new records from App Store intelligence firm Sensor Tower. The U.S. accounted for 3.6 million of those new December installs, estimates indicate.
  • In reality, 8 out of the top hundred apps with the aid of downloads on the U.S. App Store were AI artwork apps in the course of the December 1 through December 11 time body, the organization’s analysis located.
  • Following Lensa AI, the common-sounding app AI Art: AI Image Generator has keyword-filled its app’s call to rank in the second area, promising AI avatars and AI art from the text. Dawn — AI Avatars is within the No. Three roles, providing AI avatars that can be changed with a textual content prompt. (As of the time of writing on December 12, the two apps appear to have swapped locations.)
  • AI Art has seen around 1.7 million worldwide installs in the course of December 1 via eleven, up 229% from the 71,000 it noticed at some stage on November 20 via 30. Meanwhile, Dawn additionally noticed around 1.7 million installs, Sensor Tower said, up from the 28,000 it noticed in the overdue November time body.
  • These are carefully followed via Wonder — AI Art Generator at No. 10, which additionally offers AI avatars and AI art from textual content prompts.
  • Although Wonder ranks decrease inside the U.S., it has visible around 4 million international installs thus far in December, up from the earlier duration of November 20 thru 30, when it noticed 469,000 installs.
  • A not excessive amount farther down the Top Charts, you’ll also locate Prequel: Aesthetic AI Editor at slot No. 14. The app has visible 907,000 worldwide installs this month thus far, up from the 319,000 seen November 20 via 30.
  • The Top 50 also includes the newer app Voi — AI Avatar App via Wonder at No. 39. This occurs to be from the identical developer in the back of the No. 10 app Wonder but has an awful 1.6-megastar rating over its rate subscription model and damaged features, according to indignant patron critiques. Launched simplest on December 7, Voi has already won 785,000 installs, of which 241,000 had been U.S. Primarily based. Benefiting from the fashion, the app’s developer now has three apps that reference “AI” in their titles, such as the lesser-ranked Pixelup — AI Photo Enhancer.
  • Another AI app, Meitu — Photo Editor & AI Art, has moved into No. 47 at the U.S. App Store after gaining 6.4 million installs in December so far, up from the 1.1 million visible at some stage on November 20 via 30.
  • In addition to tremendously ranking average amongst iPhone apps, the U.S. App Store’s Graphics & Design class is likewise now filled with AI artwork apps inside its Top Charts.
  • Here, Dawn is the No. 1 Top Free app, followed by using AI Art and Wonder to round out the top three. Profile AI AI Avatar Creator, Inspire — AI Art Generator, and Dream by using Wombo — AI Art Tool is ranked 8, 9, and 10, respectively.
  • Lesser acknowledged “AI” apps pop up as you scroll down the class’s Top 50 as properly, filing slots No. 14, 19, 21, 25, 27, 31, 36, 44, and forty-seven — too many to list. All use the keyword “AI” in their app’s name and reference activities like “AI art” or “AI avatars.”
  • And of course, the U.S. Photo & Video class’s Top Charts have numerous AI apps charting as well, including No. 1 Lensa, No. 5 Prequel, No. 7 Voi, No. 8 Meitu, and No. 26 FacePlay.
  • AI app call isn’t restrained to the App Store, however. Many of the equal apps are trending on Google Play, too. When each app store’s rankings are blended, Lensa AI stays No. 1, AI Art is No. 2, and Wonder is No. Eight, Meitu is No. 10, Prequel is No. 68, Dawn is No. Seventy-two, Dream is No. Seventy-seven and FacePlay are No. Ninety.
  • Dream gained 782,000 new worldwide installs in December so far, whilst FacePlay won 2.8 million, Sensor Tower found.

AI art apps

  • While it’s commonplace for app makers to congregate around a fashion by updating their app’s name and description, or via bidding on keywords in Apple’s App Store Search ads, it’s fantastic simply what the number of “AI” apps have now made it to the Top Charts inside the wake of Lensa’s success. This alerts something extra than a flash-in-the-pan fashion, as the general verbal exchange nowadays is around how a great deal AI has been improving. And in other areas, human beings are marveling at the jump of the AI tech ChatGPT.
  • That said, we have to notice that just because an app is advertising itself as AI-powered, it doesn’t necessarily imply it’s using the equal Stable Diffusion model Lensa is. Not that customers seem to care — they seem happy to attempt almost any app labeling itself AI in the meanwhile, as lengthy because it grants thrilling and creative results.
  • Still, there are worries over this specific AI use case. Already, Stable Diffusion has become controversial for the manner its model was educated by way of the use of pix from artists without their consent. Lensa turned into additionally capable of being tricked into making NSFW images, TechCrunch discovered. And nowadays, MIT Technology Review suggested that Lensa created topless images and skimpy and sexualized avatars while trying by using one female reporter, who befell to be of Asian historical past — suggesting the AI was inspired by using an overabundance of anime and video characters.
  • It’s clean the tech has a long manner to visit be moral and responsible. But the ones’ worries, in the intervening time, aren’t dampening patron hobbies on this developing category.

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